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MEF Launches Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification
April 30th, 2012, Los Angeles: The MEF’s new Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification program for services and equipment complements the MEF’s recent launch of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 with certification for 8 new services. CE 2.0 certification accelerates the ability for service providers to deploy new services and to bring deserved industry recognition for innovation and quality. The 680 test cases in the new certification program replace months or even years of costly and highly specialized test development required for assuring compliance with the new CE 2.0 services. Registration for CE 2.0 certification opens today for equipment vendors and will open on May 28th for service providers. Read the Press Release
MEF Launches Carrier Ethernet 2.0
February 24th, 2012, Los Angeles: Bob Metcalfe, the Inventor of Ethernet and MEF Advisory Director, announced the launch of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0), characterized by three powerful and standardized features: Multiple Classes of Service (Multi-CoS), Interconnect and Manageability, enabling the delivery of differentiated applications over managed and interconnected networks globally. CE 2.0 is generationally advanced from the standardized Ethernet services delivered over a single provider’s network defined now as Carrier Ethernet 1.0 (CE 1.0). Read the Press Release


Equipment vendors and service providers wishing to be the first to be Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified are invited to register for the Pilot Phase testing Read More