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Product Catalog


Pivot and Build a Cutting-Edge Product Catalog So Your Customer Can Securely Access Your Product Offerings Directly from the Cloud via GUI or API!

How It Works!

Product Catalog

Seller Define Product Offerings

Define all your Product Offerings in all their dimensions including geographical and technical so everything is covered from ‘top’ to ‘bottom’!

Partner On-Boarding

Seller Grant Buyers Privileges

On-board and grant your partners privileges to access the Product Offerings you want per your business preferences so you fully control ‘who’ can access ‘what’!

Product Search

Buyers Search Product Offerings

On-boarded partners can browse and search Product Offerings by type, coverage and features so they can find exactly ‘what’ they want in ‘seconds’!

Product Build

Buyers Build Product Configurations

On-boarded partners can bundle compatible products together and set the options they want
so it’s all ‘ready to go’ for ordering!

Product Catalog

You Can Literally Catalog Everything!

Ethernet & IP

It’s designed to catalog a wide range of Ethernet & IP services from the most basic to the most advanced!

Geographical & Technical

It's comprehensive as it covers all attributes of a product from geographical coverage to technical specification!

Standard & Custom

It’s all based on standards, mainly MEF and TMF and can be customized to fit the real world!

Enterprise & Inter-Carrier

It's designed for the end-to-end enterprise market as well as the interconnected inter-carrier market so all segments are covered!

Product Catalog

It's All in the Cloud

The Product Catalog is hosted in the cloud so it can be securely accessed from anywhere at anytime! 

Product Offerings

Built From the Ground Up to be Used via GUI or API

 Use the Purpose-Built JSON-Based GUI to define your Product Offerings. 

View Product Offerings via GUI

For Humans!

Retrieve Product Offerings via API

For Machines!

An Ecosystem of Applications

Designed to Work in
Tandem with the
Testing Application

From Testing to Catalog

An Ecosystem of Applications

Designed to Work in
Tandem with the
Ordering Application

From Catalog to Ordering

3 Reasons to Pivot the Catalog App

1. Powerful Product Specification Tool

Powerful Tool Designed to Specify Any Product Offering from Top to Bottom, from Basic to Advanced and from Standard to Custom

2. Secured & Instant Partner Access

Product Catalog Can Be Securely and Instantly Accessed by Any On-Boarded Partner Directly from the Cloud via GUI or API

3. Starting Point of End-to-End Automation

A Comprehensive, API-Based Product Catalog is the Essential Starting Point of Automation Enabling Product Specifications To Be Automatically Carried Over Through Product Ordering all the way to Service Delivery & Management

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