Ordering Application

Product Ordering Operations


Migrate to a High-Powered Ordering Interface So Your Customers Can Order Your Products Directly from the Cloud in Minutes via GUI or in Seconds via API!

How It Works!

Product Ordering Forms

Seller Sets Product Ordering Settings

Create Product Ordering forms by selecting your options and settings so your partners know exactly ‘how’ to order your products from the ‘get-go’!

Partner On-Boarding

Seller Grants Buyers Privileges

On-board and grant your partners privileges to perform Product Ordering Operations per your settings so you fully control ‘who’ can do ‘what’

Product Ordering Operations

Buyers Perform Product Ordering Operations

Your on-boarded partners can perform any number of Product Ordering Operations so they can get exactly ‘what’ they want ‘when’ needed!

Product Inventory

Buyers Access Sellers Inventory

so you can see at any time access in real time what so at all times you have in service and make updates!

Product Ordering

You Can Literally Order Everything!

Product Place

- Address Validation
- Site Query

Product Ordering

- Prod. Off. Qualification
- Product Quote
- Product Order

Product Inventory

- Ordered Products

Product Category

- Ethernet
- IP

Product Type

- UNIs
- Virtual Connections

Product Action

- Install Product
- Change Product
- Disconnect Product

Standard & Custom

It’s All Based on Standards and Customizable to Fit the Real World!


It's based on the many standards the MEF and TMF have developed for Product Ordering!


It's also designed to add custom options and extensions whenever something is lacking in the standards or defined too rigidly!

Product Ordering

It's All in the Cloud

So it’s secure and architected to handle a high volume of ordering operations!

Dual Mode

Built From the Ground Up
to be Used via GUI or API

All Product Ordering Operations are natively available in GUI and JSON allowing partners to interact independently of their respective levels of automation!

Interact with any Partner

Dual mode allows buyers to request & seller to respond via GUI or API interchangeably!

Order in Minutes via GUI

User-friendly GUI allows buyers to request & sellers to respond in just a few clicks!

Order in Seconds via API

High-powered API allows buyers to request & sellers to respond in just a few bips!

API Integration

It's Purely an Interface that Relays All Your Partners Ordering Information to Your Backend Systems for Processing


You only need to implement the API once and the Ordering App connects you to all your partners. So it's as simple and easy as it can be!

Any Backend

You can integrate with any type of backend systems whether for addresses, quotes or orders and whether developed internally or sourced from third party vendors. So it's as flexible and versatile as it can be!

An Ecosystem of Applications

Designed to Work in
Tandem with the
Catalog Application

From Catalog to Ordering

An Ecosystem of Applications

Designed to Work in
Tandem with the
Supervision Application

From Ordering to Supervision

3 Reasons to Migrate to the Ordering App

1. Auto-Generated Order Forms & Schemas

Automatically Generates Buyer GUI Forms and Corresponding JSON Schemas Based on Sellers Declared Requirements & Settings for Product Ordering

2. Immediate Partner Interoperability

Product Ordering Operations Are Performed Seamlessly via GUI or API Allowing Immediate Interoperability Between Partners at Different Levels of Automation!​

3. Easy As Can Be Automation

Easily Automate by Implementing a Single API to Connect with All Partners and Scale as Volume of Operations Increases with the Cloud ​

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