Testing Application

Service, Network & Equipment Testing


Pump Up Your Testing With a New Service-Centric Approach and Future-Proof Architecture So Your Network, Services & Equipment are Always at their Engineering Best!

How It Works!

Test Catalog

Specify Services

Define All Your Ethernet & IP Services From Top to Bottom Using ‘Smart’ Service Specification Tables!

Test Cases

Auto-Generate Test Lists

Instantly Generate Exhaustive Ready-To-Run Lists of Test Cases Specifically Tuned to Each of Your Defined Services!

Test Session

Execute Tests & Debug

Run Tests in Batches at High-Speed with Advanced Debug Capabilities!

Test Record

Generate & Share Test Results

Instantly Generate Test Records and Securely Share Them with Customers, Partners and Colleagues!


You Can Literally Test Everything!

Ethernet & IP

It’s designed to test a wide range of Ethernet & IP services from the most basic to the most advanced!

Functional & Performance

It's comprehensive as tests cover all attributes from functional to performance as well bandwidth and protocols!

Standard & Custom

It’s all based on standards, mainly MEF, IEEE and IETF and can be customized to fit the real world!

Enterprise & Inter-Carrier

It’s designed to test end-to-end enterprise services as well as interconnected inter-carrier services so all segments are covered!

Cloud Native

Testing is Moved to the Cloud

All tests are hosted, generated, computed and logged directly in the cloud so it’s secured and scalable!

Virtual Test Probe

Powerful Virtual Test Probe Software Runs on Low-Cost White Boxes And Open OS

Virtual test probe software runs on Linux-based OS installed on off-the-shelf servers equipped with Intel-based processors and 1G, 10G or 100G Network Interface Cards.

Dual Test Mode

Built From the Ground Up
to be Used via GUI or API

All test functions such as loading service tests, reserving and releasing test ports, creating or
deleting test sessions and issuing test records can be executed via GUI or API interchangeably!

Test via GUI

Conduct your testing in just a few clicks with the user-friendly GUI

Test via API

Automate your testing from A to Z with the easy-to-implement Test API

Test Collaboration

Collaborate with Partners and Customers Using Embedded Permission-Based Test Sharing Capabilities

Share Test Probes

Test using your own and partner / customer probes

Share Test Sessions

Test and troubleshoot with partner / customer in real-time

Share Test Records

Review and analyze test results with partner / customer

Use Cases

Leverage the Many Features of the Testing Application for a Wide Range of Internal and External Use Cases


  • R&D testing
  • QA testing
  • GA testing
  • Upgrade testing
  • Regression testing


  • Vendor equipment qualification
  • Partner services qualification
  • Service activation testing
  • Customer troubleshooting
  • Customer showcase

An Ecosystem of Applications

Designed to Work in
Tandem with the
Catalog Application

From Testing to Catalog

An Ecosystem of Applications

Designed to Work in
Tandem with the
Supervision Application

From Supervision to Testing

3 Reasons to Upgrade to the Testing App

1. Services Approach

Unique Services-Oriented Approach Allows The Testing Of Services As A Whole In One Go

The Testing Application has been designed from the ground up to automatically create extensive lists of test cases specific to the attributes and parameters of the services to be tested using interactive Service Specification tables coupled with a dynamic Test Case generator. 


So services can be tested in their entirety in a fully automated manner phasing out legacy testers with restrictive and labor-intensive frame-based approach.

2. Future-Proof Architecture

Future-Proof Testing Architecture And Technology Combining Cloud, Virtualization And Digitalization

The Testing Application has been designed from the ground up as a Cloud Native application with all testing being directly generated, computed and logged in the cloud coupled with a small-footprint virtual test probe software that runs on low-cost / small form factor white boxes.

So together the cloud and virtualization allow testing to massively scale with minimal hardware deployment phasing out legacy hardware-based testers and technologies.

3. Versatile Platform

Unified Test Platform Designed To Be Used For All Testing Activities From The Lab To The Field And From R&D To Production

The Testing Application has been designed from the ground up to be used anywhere and for any purpose so products and services can be tested in various environments and at any stage of their development / deployment in a consistent and ubiquitous way. 


So testing can be carried out on a single test platform phasing out legacy rigid lab testers and limited-purpose handheld field testers.

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